Resistance Training

The Effects of Progressive Resistance and Balance Exercise on Reducing Falls in Residential Aged Care  Using HUR Equipment

Jennifer Hewitt¹, Kathryn M Refshauge¹, Stephen Goodall², Timothy Henwood³, Lindy Clemson¹
¹Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Sydney, ²Centre for Health Economic Research and Evaluation, University of Technology, Sydney, NSW, ³University of Queensland/Blue Care Research and Practice Development Centre, The University of Queensland, Brisbane, QLD , Australia

Research Description: Among community dwelling older adults, exercise appears to be an effective countermeasure, but data are limited and inconsistent among studies in residents of aged care communities. This trial has been designed to evaluate whether the SUNBEAM program (Strength and Balance Exercise in Aged Care) reduces falls in residents of aged care facilities.

Results: While the final data collection won’t be complete until August 2017, preliminary results show an increase of up to 360 per cent in the machine resistance and changes in isometric leg strength greater than 110 percent.

Does progressive resistance and balance exercise reduce falls in residential aged care? Randomized controlled trial protocol for the SUNBEAM program (2014)

In addition, participants’ testimonials tell us that people have a renewed feeling of worth, more energy, are more confident on their feet and are experiencing less pain.

Exercise Proves Popular with Residents ~ Australian Aging Agenda