Club Galeon

Galeon opened its wellness center, Club Galeon, which features HUR strength training equipment, in 2008. After only two years of operation they achieved the following results:

  • 57% of skilled care center residents were exercising.
  • 75% of memory support residents were actively involved.
  • 44% of all residents and tenants were participating across the campus.
  • Outpatient therapy treatments increased by 166%.
  • Revenues from community outreach programming reached $86,488.
  • Net margin from inpatient therapy rose to $442,000.
  • 454 older adults from the community joined Club Galeon.

“In our experience, the best and most effective exercise equipment for older adults on the planet is manufactured by HUR.” – Dave Carlson, M.S.Ed. Administrator/CEO, Club Galeon

Club Galeon Work Out Club Galeon

Miss Norma and Mr. Joe experienced life-changing results with HUR.