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Training Videos & PowerPoints

How to Add a New Client/Employee (6:05)

How to Create, Edit, Copy, & Delete Training Templates (17:40)

How to Add a Training Program to a Client/Employee Profile (5:38)

Hi5 Machine Tablet Training – Setting Power & Range of Motion (9:57)

How to Reset a Client/Employee Password (3:47)

Navigation and Settings (4:19)

Adding and Searching for Clients (2:37)

Tests (4:54)

Trainers (3:30)

Games (2:06)

Test Analysis (11:26)

Test Comparison (2:34)

Assigning SmartBalance Activities to Clients in HUR SmartTouch (4:17)

Client Mode (1:27)

Senso Manager Software (7:20)

Senso Play Software (4:39)

New Senso Assessments – Currently, these are Beta (Experimental) Tests

StepOne Recumbent Stepper (5:35)

StepOne Console Programs (9:11)

StepOne Brief Demonstration (00:34)

Treadmills (8:17)

Recumbent Bikes (8:48)

Upright Bikes (8:45)

Ellipticals (8:52)

REX Recumbent Ellipticals (7:34)

Latitude Lateral Stability Trainer (10:27)

PRO1000 Upper Body Exerciser (10:33)

PRO1 Upper Body Exerciser (10:27)

PRO2 Total Body Exerciser (12:07)

T4r Recumbent Cross Trainer (5:25)

CyberCycle Overview (17:20)

HUR Strength Equipment Demonstration Videos

HUR Biceps / Triceps Training Video STE3110 Hi5

HUR Chest Press Training Video STE5140 Hi5

HUR Optimal Rhomb Video STE5175 Hi5

HUR Pec Deck Training Video STE5160 Hi5

HUR Push Up / Pull Down Training Video STE5120 Hi5

HUR Abdomen / Back Extension Training Video STE5310 Hi5

HUR Back Extension Training Video STE3320 Hi5

HUR Body Extension Training Video ST5510 Hi5

HUR Twist EA Training Video ST9330 Hi5

HUR Adduction / Abduction Training Video ST5520 Hi5

HUR Leg Extension / Leg Curl Training Video STE5530 Hi5

HUR Leg Press Training Video STE5540 Hi5

HUR Pulley Movements

HUR Multifunction 5X

HUR Multifunction 4X