In our last blog post, we shared the exciting update that our new HUR website will be launching soon, with added enhancements in functionality and improved navigation. Since then, significant changes have taken place in this journey to provide our customers a more user-friendly and visually engaging website. Like getting used to a fitness routine, or testing out new equipment, there is a process for figuring out what works, what doesn’t, and what areas need improvement. But we prefer to think of it as a healthy approach, ensuring that the process is on-balance and gets our customers pumped for a well-designed website that fully supports our customers’ clinical, programming, and business needs. Some things just can’t be HUR-ried.

As a growing company, HUR provides both fitness and wellness solutions that meet the needs of a wide range of abilities: sports performance, active aging, senior living, inclusive wellness, and medical rehabilitation. Our suite of products and services are designed to deliver program engagement that motivates even the most hesitant populations. We utilize smart technology, interactive software, and data analytics, combined with a powerful pneumatic strength training platform. Together, this creates programs that drive high levels of participation that improve the health and well-being of our customers, enabling them to actively age and remain strong for life!

And this carries over into the design of our website for multifunctional use with enhanced user experience. Just as much as we love technology and data to produce decisive health outcomes, we wanted to update our website to drive high levels of engagement and elevate the user’s experience, ensuring that our customers are able to access information vital to individual health and well-being. We are dedicated to being a trusted partner in your success.

But how are we looking to do that? 

To remain connected with our customers and add improved features, the new HUR website will have new functionality that serves to enhance the user experience. Ensuring that the appearance, as well as functionality, lives up to HUR standards, the process is being carefully crafted with the user experience in mind.


New improvements will include:

  • Updated Portal: Customers will be able to find the information they need centralized in one location, for easy access. Utilizing automated login credentials, customers will have access to training video resources, manuals and spec sheets, webinars, service and maintenance documents, information on replacement parts, and marketing materials. Architects and designers will also benefit from our portal, being able to quickly access 2D and 3D architectural / CAD files for any precision work.
  • Improved Solutions Catalog: HUR’s catalog of solutions focused on Balance, Strength, Cardio, Wellness Management has been updated to provide vital statistics and information which are at the core of any health regimen.
  • Meet the HUR USA Team: Learn more about our seasoned wellness industry professionals and how the HUR USA Team is here to help and answer any questions you might have.
  • For Your Facility Tab: A new resource that provides a healthy list of different market segments and robust information in an easy drop-down navigation. It will be easier to view information in areas specific to:
    • Senior Living and Active Aging
    • Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy
    • Hospitals and Medical Fitness
    • Sports and Performance
    • Fitness Clubs
    • Inclusive Fitness
  • New and Updated HUR Blog, “Vitalogy”: Stay up to date with the latest product news and company updates that equip you with information you need to overcome any fitness HUR-dle. (See what we did there?) Categories such as HUR Heroes, Dimensions of Wellness, news announcements, events, and webinars will all be updated with information that is useful to our customers. Sign up for the HUR newsletter here so that you never miss an update!
  • Keeping It Mobile: A newly developed format for customers on-the-go is easily accessible on your mobile device without sacrificing the quality of information.

At HUR, we aspire to always offer incredible results, enhanced customer satisfaction, and marketing muscle to industry-leading providers, ensuring that both their centers and clients have the resources needed to thrive. We believe that the wellness of individuals contributes to the wellness of their community, and wellness of a community, in turn, contributes to the world as a whole. We are committed to making wellness accessible to individuals of all ability levels and provide fitness opportunities for the entire community, ultimately making the world a healthier place.


Stay tuned for updates on our new HUR website!

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