Meet iBalance

The Perfect Balance between Assessment, Training and Results

iBalance for wellness

HUR iBalance with SmartTouch technology is a multi-purpose balance testing, training and reporting system with applications for orthopedic, neurological and vestibular rehabilitation, as well as older adult wellness and fall prevention.

The HUR iBalance is the perfect tool for assessing balance, identifying users who have a high risk for falling or directional weakness and implementing results-based fall prevention and balance training programs.

Optimal Balance Solution with
Multiple Clinical Applications

iBalance is ideal for:

  • Active adult fitness centers
  • Independent living, assisted living and continuing
    care retirement communities
  • Hospital-based fitness centers
  • Rehabilitation and transitional care centers


iBalance Testing

The iBalance assessment identifies potential fall-risk problems quickly and features:

  • Romberg’s and Limits of Stability testing protocols for quick and accurate balance screening
  • Normative data for comparison  testing
  • Easy-to-read, graphic reporting


iBalance Training

The iBalance training uses fun, interactive range of motion, weight shift and stabilization game-style exercises that stimulate the brain, build the core and re-train muscle memory. iBalance features:

  • Motivational high-score record-keeping
  • Automated and consistent skill challenges
  • Wheelchair accessibility for core training


iBalance Reporting

The iBalance results reporting is Powered by HUR’s signature SmartTouch technology. The reporting tools provide clear and understandable visual feedback about the user’s balance condition.

Test results are benchmarked against extensive normative data, and reports integrate seamlessly with other premium HUR strength training equipment for objective and comprehensive trackingand reporting.

Evaluate, Strengthen and Enhance Stability with iBalance

  • Assess fall risk Increase balance, agility, range of motion, gait and muscle tone
  • Reduce liability
  • Decrease senior living resident turnover
  • Improve rehabilitation outcomes
  • Create a distinct marketing advantage
  • Track progress and document results for motivational, reimbursement and referral development purposes
  • Enhance user compliance
  • Strengthen bodies
  • Improve lives