Strong is the New OLD

It’s a well-known fact that the aging population is growing and living longer than ever.  This “age wave,” combined with the indisputable science linking regular exercise with better health and attributing strength training with improved quality of life, is creating a demographic shift and a mind shift of seismic proportions . . . 

Welcome to the NEW AGE of STRENGTH

As baby boomers move into the 55-plus demographic, the characteristics and interests of this segment of the population continue to change.


Boomers TAKING CHARGE of Their Health

  • Retirees say health is the #1 ingredient for a happy retirement.
  • Boomers have adopted a more empowered, proactive approach to health during every stage of their lives and have helped drive the fitness movement . . . and are more empowered healthcare consumers.
  • As they approach retirement, boomers say they are far more likely to take charge of their health and health care than their parents’ generation.

~ Source: AgeWave


Forward-thinking senior living, active aging and rehabilitation providers are rising to meet the emerging new markets this “next generation” demands for pro-actively aging and living well by offering innovative wellness programming, including senior-specific rehabilitation and pro-active strength-building programs.

HUR is a pioneering leader in the NEW AGE of STRENGTH.

Powered by HUR’s pneumatic resistance-based strength training solutions, rehabilitation, active adult/senior living providers and the older adults they serve gain the STRENGTH they need for the RESULTS they want.

Why Wellness WORKS for Business

  • Influences occupancy rates
  • Reduces turnover
  • Elevates competitive positioning
  • Increases revenues
  • Contributes to resident satisfaction and engagement
  • Manages costs of healthcare
  • Keeps residents independent longer
  • Performs double duty for employee wellness
  • Powers marketing efforts

~ Source: ICAA

Download “The business case for wellness programs in retirement communities and seniors housing.”

Good for business

There is no doubt that providers who embrace wellness and are “Powered by HUR” gain a strong business advantage, including enhanced marketing leverage, improved outcomes and a compelling return on investment.


The older adults they serve gain the . . .

Strength of Body: The muscle to stand, move, dance, eat, work, play and be independent as long as possible.

Strength of Mind and Character: The stamina to pursue passions, maintain relationships, grow interests, build character, handle life’s surprises with grace and live on one’s own terms.

Strength to Be Well: And the power to regain and maintain strength following injury or illness.