SmartTouch Upgrade Kit

SmartTouch Upgrade Kit

The SmartTouch Upgrade Kit is available in both cloud-based or locally-based platforms for recent models of HUR equipment that currently feature analog, digital or SmartCard display. SmartTouch system is a multi-platform management environment that offers RFID-based user identification, personal training programs and automatic resistance and repetition settings as well as a visual display of exercise progress.  SmartTouch software offers a comprehensive computerized exercise solution for lifelong strength including:

  • Available in both cloud-based or locally-based platforms
  • State-of-the-art, operating software
  • RFID customer identification—enables users to activate training with a single touch
  • Operation wherever and whenever (available exclusively with cloud-based SmartTouch technology)
  • Supports multi-clinic and multi-center organizations (available exclusively with cloud-based SmartTouch technology)
  • No need to log in—users can start training on the first machine
  • Personal online user profile displays progress and the training program
  • Includes messaging feature that allows communication between the user and instructor
  • Automated reporting of user progress, facility status, equipment usage etc.


Software DETAILS


Available in both Cloud Based or Locally Based, SmartCard, SmartTouch


Automated Reporting, Easy To Use Touch Screen, RIFD Customer ID, Zero Resistance Starts


Power Needed: Yes

Data Needed: Yes

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HUR Software


Train and track the people you care for – your customers. HUR SmartTouch is the perfect combination of pneumatic strength training equipment and operating software, and it’s especially developed for senior exercise, rehabilitation and the inclusive wellness markets.

Simply put, with SmartTouch you will enhance the training experience; you can operate wherever you need and whenever you want; you will operate more efficiently and simplify your Instructor’s routine—saving on valuable staff resources. (Read More)

Smart Card Kit

With the HUR SmartCard software, you can create training programs and quickly load them onto the SmartCard. The HUR SmartCard Software stores performed workload, sets, reps, maximum heart rate, exercise time, and time of visit; this information is transferable between your SmartCard and computer´s database for further analysis.

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