Strong is Ageless

HUR is the premier strength training solution for older adults.


HUR’S pneumatic (air) resistance equipment is SAFE, EFFECTIVE, and EASY to use.
• Zero starting load and increase resistance with as little as ¼ lbs
• 30 dual function and single function machines for a smaller footprint
• Ideal for preventative, rehabilitation and maintence training
• Pneumatic (air resistance) technology
• Specifically designed for older adults
• Wheelchair-accessible line of equipment available


HUR offers solutions for measuring physical performance, including strength testing products and balance platforms. Products are designed and developed in conjunction with leading researchers worldwide and are compatible with HUR SmartTouch technology.
• Isometric testing – maximum strength
• HUR ibalance – testing and training


HUR machines come complete with HUR SmartTouch, a digital automated training option that allows for evidence-based independent exercise and rehabilitation
• Automatically adjusted resistance
• Automatically adjusted seat and lever positioning
• Computerized personal training programs
• Automated documentation and reporting
• Allows users to operate more efficiently
• Saves staff resources by simplifying instructors’ work and providing documented outcomes