While chronological ageing is inevitable, what we do to combat the physiological changes is another matter. World Health Organization (WHO) has identified three factors that influence trajectories of ability: the intrinsic capacity of the individual, the environments they inhabit, and the interaction between them. A key aspect of health and wellness is physical activity. The benefits of the inclusion of exercise at older age are clear; from prevention of falls and improvements in cognitive function to reduced mortality, exercise is a key aspect in improving quality of life.

To maximize the health and wellness benefits of exercise, planning and exercise prescription must be performed accurately. Thankfully, research projects and clinical reports from both residential and community care have provided details on how to create, manage and run, successful programs that provide better health and quality of life to all.

The global COVID-19 Pandemic has forced us all to isolate and while we are slowly re-opening society, we are facing setbacks after months of reduced activity. Join us for the international based webinar as industry experts share their knowledge on exercise prescription and program creation and management, to maximize the benefits of exercise and wellness programs for successful aging.